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High Fives Printables - Reinforcing A Positive Growth Mindset

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High Fives are a done-for-you printable in 8 different layout styles that students and teachers can use in the classroom for the following:

- Thanking someone
- Compliments
- Acknowledging something a person did well
- Random Kindness Notes

The purpose is to spread positivity and reinforce good things that the students are doing. Putting more attention on the good actions of the children will reinforce the behaviors and results you want to see from them. It also feels good to be acknowledged in writing from another person, which boosts self-confidence.

All you have to do is print them and use them - everything is designed for you already!

This resource is a downloadable PDF document.

***All our resources come with a 100% money back guarantee. We only want to provide resources that actually help you as an educator. If you aren't happy with it simply contact us and we'll refund you