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Friends Forever - Friendship Activity for the Classroom

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Learning how to create meaningful friendships is a skill that children need to develop. How many times have you seen children being mean to one another, ignoring the new kid or excluding their peers during recess?

Building quality relationships is a "muscle" that needs to be developed and flexed. Friends Forever, is a great activity to do with your students to teach them about Friendships. 

It Covers:

  • What Is An Ideal Friendship
  • What Do Ideal Friends Do & Say
  • How Good Of A Friend Do THEY Think They Are
  • How Can They Become A Better Friend To Others
  • And Much More

This is a great activity to add to your Growth Mindset and Character Education toolbox. It can also be very effective as part of your anti-bullying strategy within the classroom/school.

The activity also includes Teacher Facilitation Tips to walk you through the debrief process.

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