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40 Bulletin Board Quotes - Arts, Music, Dance, Creativity & Growth Mindset

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This set of 40 different inspirational quotes is a great addition to your bulletin board to motivate your students. They are also great discussion pieces as well as decoration for your classroom. 

Topics include art, music, dance, drama, success, education, learning, growth mindset, creativity and others.

The quotes are from famous people in arts and education including Vincent Van Gogh, Shakespeare, Rita Pierson, Socrates, Einstein, Seth Godin, Henri Matisse, Oscar Wilde and others.

This product includes:
40 quotes in color in jpg format that you can print and use. 

Most quotes will print half of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. If you find you want them larger, contact me and I can resize the images for you.

Also, if you buy the product and aren't happy with it please let me know and I'll issue you a refund. If you like it please write a review.

I hope you enjoy these motivational quotes!

Lisa Phillips
The Artistic Edge